MyToxCert Module Content

MyToxCert modules are organized by content area, allowing you to select, learn, and retain information related to specific clinical topics. The module topics will focus on clinical scenarios based on patient presentation.

MyToxCert Module Topics

Modules consist of around 50 multiple choice questions related to the specific module topic and have the following sections:

Essentials Content 90 ± 10% 

90 ± 10% of the module’s questions will be related to the specific module topic.

Part 1: Principles of Toxicology
Part 2: Toxicants and Toxins
Part 3: Clinical Assessment
Part 4: Therapeutics
Part 5: Assessment and Population Health
Part 6: Analytical and Forensic Toxicology and Workplace Drug Testing

Knowledge Advancements (10±10%)

10 ± 10% of questions will be on any other part of the Core Content of Medical Toxicology that do not appear on the topics listed above. Specifically,

Part 7: Environmental Toxicology
Part 8: Addiction Toxicology and Substance Use
Part 9: Occupational Toxicology

Preparing for Modules

Before taking a MyToxCert module, ABEM recommends reviewing the provided resources.

You may complete the modules in whatever order you choose, based on what is available to you. Answers with rationales will be provided immediately. Modules are open book, so study requirements are minimal. However, you must take the modules by yourself. Please note: New versions of the MyToxCert modules are available every three months. If you do not pass a module, you may have to wait up to three months before you can retake it.

MyToxCert Resources

MyEMSCert Quick Start Guide
Knowledge Advancement Reading List 

Study Points

Download and review these prior to taking your modules for focus areas of study and preparation. The study point does not contain specific information that would lead you to the diagnosis or correct answer but would instead direct you to learning and reference materials.