Sports Medicine

Dates and Fees

  • Sports Medicine Recertification Examination

Maintaining Sports Medicine Certification

Emergency Medicine (EM) and Internal Medicine (IM) physicians certified in Sports Medicine must participate in a Sports Medicine continuing certification process and pass the Sports Medicine Recertification Examination every ten years. ABEM believes that physicians who continue to practice Emergency Medicine in addition to their subspecialty should continue to maintain their EM certification

Sports Medicine Certification and Continuing Certification of ABIM-certified Physicians by ABEM FAQs


Personal Page

EM physicians certified in Sports Medicine have an ABEM Personal Page, a secure portal used to perform tasks related to the Sports Medicine continuing certification process.

Sign in to your ABEM Personal Page

Sign in to:

  • Learn your requirements and status, and review completed activities and LLSA test results
  • Provide medical licensure information
  • Review LLSA readings, as well as register for and take required LLSA tests
  • Attest to completion of IMP Practice Improvement activities

To renew certification, clinically active physicians must meet all Sports Medicine continuing certification requirements. Clinically inactive physicians must meet all Sports Medicine continuing certification requirements except IMP.

The requirements of the Sports Medicine continuing certification process are being phased in, so individual requirements may vary.

Requirements by Certification End Date

Sports Medicine Recertification Exam Process


The Sports Medicine Recertification Examination is offered twice each year, in the summer and fall. Physicians can take the examination in years six through ten of certification.


To register for the Recertification Examination, ABEM Sports Medicine-certified physicians complete the current year’s registration form, which is available from ABEM.

The following must be submitted for an application to be complete:

  • Completed and signed current-year registration form
  • Additional items included in the materials or referred to in the registration form instructions, if applicable
  • Registration fee and examination fee in U.S. funds

The registration fee is an administrative fee that covers the cost of reviewing and authorizing the examination registration and submitting that registration to the board that administers the exam, and cannot be refunded.

By signing the registration form, physicians give ABEM permission to verify information submitted.

ABEM emails a receipt when the registration and examination fees are received, and a notification when the examination authorization has been sent to the administering board.


Physicians will receive information about how to schedule an appointment to take the exam.

Taking the Exam

The Sports Medicine Recertification Examination is an approximately half-day, computer-based, multiple choice exam administered at Prometric testing centers. An exam tutorial is available on the ABFM website.

Content Specifications

The exam outline and an exam-day schedule for the Sports Medicine Certification Examination is available on the ABFM website.


ABEM sends candidates the results of their examination in writing. Results are also posted online.

Regaining Certification

Sports Medicine-certified physicians who lose their certification will have the opportunity to get it back. Please contact ABEM at 517-332-4800, ext. 387, or for more information.