For Program Directors

Emergency Medicine Residents

Learn more about ABEM certification.

Physicians seeking Emergency Medicine certification through ABEM are required to complete accredited residency training. Emergency Medicine residency training covers:

  • The knowledge and scope of the specialty
  • Important procedural and interpersonal skills
  • Research and teaching techniques

Essentials for EM Program Directors and Coordinators

ABEM works with Emergency Medicine Residency Program Directors and Coordinators to provide the tools and information they need to assist residents in getting started on a path to achieve ABEM certification.

Program directors and coordinators play an important role in preparing residents for ABEM certification.

Dates and Fees

EM Training Programs

Emergency Medicine training programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) take roughly 3–4 years to complete and are configured one of two ways:

  • PGY 1-3: A three-year program
  • PGY 1-4: A four-year program

A current list of ACGME-accredited EM training programs is available on their website.