Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Prioritizing DEI Values

On February 6, 2022, the ABEM Board of Directors reaffirmed DEI as a strategic imperative, allowing for the continuation and priority of ABEM DEI initiatives. Actively embracing these values strengthens ABEM, improves the experience of ABEM-certified physicians, and leads to better patient care.

Pride Month (5)

Continually Moving Forward


A People-Focused Approach 

  • Increasing DEI among our ABEM volunteers
    • Greater geographic representation
    • More residency program ambassadors
    • More underrepresented minorities as examiners/item writers
  • ABEM staff efforts include:
    • Retooled hiring process
    • Baseline DEI survey
    • Learning modules and opportunities intended to create shared understanding
    • Formal training plan based on self-reported needs and other assessments 
    • Bi-monthly staff newsletter with a section sharing opportunities to engage in DEI activities  
    • Launch of the internal DEI Staff Workgroup


Share Your Feedback

Our DEI initiatives only work when we collect as many voices as possible.Our team is ready to take your questions and comments. Contact us