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ABEM Continuing Certification Process

The purpose of continuing certification is to establish the highest standards of patient care and promote continuous learning and assessment among ABEM-certified physicians. In 2021, ABEM implemented a 5-year certification cycle and annual fee, which physicians will transition to when they next recertify. The components of ABEM's continuing certification process include:

Transforming Certification
  • MyEMCert Assessment Modules – Topic-specific modules that promote learning by incorporating Key Advances in Emergency Medicine and providing immediate answer rationales.

  • Annual Fee Payment – Smaller, annual payments for certification instead of larger fees for each activity. The fee is an annual requirement. Non-payment will lead to decertification.

Upon meeting all continuing certification requirements, a physician’s certification will renew on the day following their current certification expiration date. During their next certification cycle, they will have new requirements. ABEM-certified physicians can view their individual requirements and when they are due by signing in to their ABEM Portal.

Goals of the ABEM Continuing Certification Process

The ABEM continuing certification process will:

  • Have a formative emphasis that leads to a summative decision.
  • Emphasize accelerated knowledge translation that will transform the specialty.
  • Reinforce clinically oriented and highly relevant (COHR) knowledge.
  • Contribute to all participating emergency physicians in providing better patient care.
  • Support quality improvement in medical practice.
  • Promote professionalism and expect adherence to the ABEM Code of Professionalism.
  • Undergo frequent quality reviews of ABEM’s program with revisions as needed using standard quality improvement practices.
  • Reduce the requirements burden for physicians with multiple certificates.
  • Work with the specialty societies and educational providers to support physicians in their professional development.

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