Stay Certified

ABEM Continuing Certification Process

The purpose of continuing certification is to establish the highest standards of patient care and promote continuous learning and assessment among ABEM-certified physicians. In 2021, ABEM implemented a 5-year certification cycle and annual fee, which physicians will transition to when they next recertify. The components of ABEM's continuing certification process include:

Transforming Certification
  • MyEMCert Assessment Modules – Topic-specific modules that promote learning by incorporating Key Advances in Emergency Medicine and providing immediate answer rationales.

  • Annual Fee Payment – Smaller, annual payments for certification instead of larger fees for each activity. The fee is an annual requirement. Non-payment will lead to decertification.

Upon meeting all continuing certification requirements, a physician’s certification will renew on the day following their current certification expiration date. During their next certification cycle, they will have new requirements. ABEM-certified physicians can view their individual requirements and when they are due by signing in to their ABEM Portal.

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