Professionalism and Professional Standing 

ABEM-certified physicians must continuously maintain medical licensure in compliance with ABEM's Policy on Medical Licensure and adhere to ABEM's Code of Professionalism to meet the continuing certification Professionalism and Professional Standing requirement.

Medical Licensure

ABEM-certified physicians must continuously hold a current, active, valid, full, unrestricted, and unqualified license to practice medicine in at least one jurisdiction in the United States, its territories, or Canada and in each jurisdiction in which they practice. Physicians may hold additional licenses to practice medicine, each of which must be valid, full, unrestricted, and unqualified, or voluntarily inactive.

If a physician's license does not comply or, if a physician does not hold a medical license, ABEM will revoke their certificate.

License Reporting

ABEM-certified physicians must report medical licenses that do not meet the ABEM Policy on Medical Licensure. Physicians may update their medical licensure information through their ABEM Personal Page.

ABEM continuously receives medical license information from a third-party verification agency for all ABEM board-certified physicians and formerly certified physicians attempting to regain certification.

When completing continuing certification activities, physicians may be asked to confirm medical license information. If physicians confirm that their licensure complies with ABEM policy, they can move to the next step of the activity.

Licensure Appeal Process

A two-step appeal procedure is available to physicians whose medical licenses do not meet ABEM policy. Once ABEM certification is revoked, the formerly board-certified physician may not participate in ABEM's continuing certification process until the medical licensure requirement is fulfilled.


ABEM-certified physicians and physicians seeking ABEM certification are required to comply to the Code of Professionalism. If a physician is found not in compliance, they may be subject to review under ABEM’s disciplinary action process which may result in decertification.

Each reported incidence is subject to a multi-level review process involving staff and the Board of Directors prior to taking any action on certification status. ABEM also maintains an appeal process for physicians who are found to not fulfill the requirements described in the Code of Professionalism.

Reporting Professionalism Violations

If you feel an ABEM-certified physician or physician seeking ABEM certification is in violation of ABEM’s Code of Professionalism you may submit a violation to ABEM for review. 


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