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ABEM has introduced a new way to stay certified, designed with the uniqueness of Emergency Medicine in mind, and informed by the preferences of ABEM-certified physicians.

Core elements of MyEMCert include: 

  • Topic-specific modules that incorporate the “bread and butter” issues of Emergency Medicine

  •  Open-book modules that can be completed anywhere, anytime

  • Immediate feedback providing scores, correct answers, and rationales

  • Content that keeps you informed about key advances in the specialty

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How Does This Affect Me?

ABEM certified physicians will take 4 MyEMCert modules spread out over 5 years.
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MyEMCert Modules

MyEMCert modules are organized by content area, allowing you to select, learn, and retain information related to specific clinical topics. You may complete the modules in whatever order you choose. Answers with rationales will be provided immediately.

MyEMCert is open book, so study requirements are minimal. However, you must take the modules by yourself. Sign in to start today.

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If you have any questions, contact ABEM at or 517.332.4800, option 2.

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