In-Training Examination

Dates and Fees

ABEM develops and administers an In-training Examination (ITE) annually to Emergency Medicine residency programs for a small fee. Programs are not required to participate in this exam.

The ITE targets the expected knowledge and experience of an EM3 resident. The exam is not designed for program evaluation, and the results should not be used to compare programs or residents across programs.

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Quick Facts

  • Exclusively online format
  • Administered over a seven-day testing window
  • Begins on the last Tuesday of February
  • Programs have the option to administer the ITE on any single day during the seven-day testing window or on more than one day (e.g., across any or all of the seven designated testing days)
  • Programs have the option of testing all of all their residents on a single day
  • Programs that have limited capacity for online testing may choose to administer the ITE on more than one day
  • All participating sites are required to meet the minimum systems requirements check