Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Dates and Fees

  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine Certification Examination

Pediatric Emergency Medicine focuses on the care of the acutely ill or injured child in an emergency department.

Physicians gain Pediatric Emergency Medicine certification by meeting the eligibility criteria, fulfilling their primary board's credential requirements, and completing the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Certification Examination.

The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) and ABEM offer subspecialty certification in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. ABP develops and administers the examination. ABEM is responsible for credentialing its candidates and notifying them of their examination results. 


Emergency physicians seeking to take the certification examination in Pediatric Emergency Medicine must:

  1. Be certified by ABEM or the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine (AOBEM)
  2. Successfully complete an ACGME-approved Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship program or fulfill the eligibility criteria of the Dual Certification pathway
  3. Complete and submit the application to ABEM
  4. Actively participate in ABEM's continuing certification process or the AOBEM Osteopathic Continuous Certification Program
  5. Fulfill the ABEM Policy on Medical Licensure
  6. Comply with the ABEM Policy on Board Eligibility for Subspecialty Certification

Exam Process

The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Certification Examination is offered every two years, in odd-numbered years.


Physicians applying for the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Certification Examination must complete and submit the current year’s certification application form available from ABEM. Complete applications include:

  • Signed, current-year Pediatric Emergency Medicine certification application
  • Application and examination fees U.S. funds

This application fee covers the cost of processing the application only, and cannot be refunded.

Final review of an application will be completed when all information is received. Applications that are incomplete will be closed in September of the following year. Physicians with closed applications who want to take the exam must submit new applications and meet all requirements in place at the time the new application is submitted.

ABEM mails notification regarding whether the physician's application has been approved.


Physicians with approved applications will receive information about how to register for the exam.

Exam Content Specifications

The content outline for the examination and a tutorial are available on the on the ABP website.


ABEM sends candidates the results of their examination in writing. Results are also posted on candidates ABEM Personal Page