Before the Exam

Pre-Exam Checklist

Exam Setting

The Virtual Oral Certification Examination will be held via Zoom. It is the candidate's responsibility to find a quiet space without interruptions and free of prohibited items. On the exam day, a video scan of each candidate’s testing space will be conducted as part of the candidate check-in process. If candidates have privacy-related concerns about a security scan being conducted in their home or other selected testing location, it is the candidate’s responsibility to arrange for an alternate, appropriate testing location. The technical and security requirements listed below are also the candidate's responsibility. 

Each candidate is assigned a specific date and session (morning or afternoon) to take the examination. The meeting invitation will show the check-in time and exam start time and will include a link to an external webpage where the candidate will need to register with their email address and create a password. This webpage is where the candidate will click to connect to the Zoom meeting. The button to connect to the Zoom meeting will not be active until immediately prior to the candidate’s check-in time. 

Technical and Security Requirements

  • Desktop or laptop with camera and microphone.
  • Reliable high-speed Internet, i.e., about 1.5-2 Mbps download and upload speed for a quality video call.
  • Virtual backgrounds are not allowed
  • An examination space that is quiet and free of prohibited items
  • Chromebooks are not recommended

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